How to Secure Furniture

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What you need- furniture straps, screw, self drilling toggle bolt Tools you need- power drill, drill bits, power screwdriver, tape measure Tip- finding the stud is easy, here’s how… starting from the corner, measure every 16” on center Step 1. Once you’ve located stud drill a hole thinner than the size of the screw and half the depth of the screw into the wall Step 2 drill a hole into the furniture aligned with the hole in the wall Step 3 using the power screwdriver , screw the strap into the furniture Step 4 screw the other end of the...

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Hanging a Curtain Rod

Hanging a Curtain Rod Today, I'll be explaining how to hang a curtain rod. Hanging a basic curtain rod takes only minutes and helps give your room a whole new outlook.   Step One: What You Need   You’ll need screws, a screwdriver, a level, a power drill, a stud finder, and your curtain rod which should come with corresponding brackets.   Also, if your curtains are very heavy, or the curtain rod is longer than 48 inches, you will need a center bracket for additional support.   You may need to also purchase some universal, self-drilling hollow wall fasteners...

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Carbon monoxide/smoke detector

Supplies:  detector, fasteners, Tools:  cordless drill, drill bit set and tape measure The specifics:  pick a location for your detector preferably close to your sleeping quarters.  The installation:  1.  Measure the total amount of inches across the area that you want to install the unit in than divide it in half and make a pencil mark on the ceiling at that measurement.  2.  Remove the bracket from the detector, take the bracket and center it on your mark on the ceiling, mark the screw holes with a pencil 3.  Drill your fastener holes on the marks and insert fasteners 4....

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Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Handles

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Step One: What You Need

Count the number of handles or knobs that need replacing. Remove one handle and screw to bring with you when you shop for replacements. Most cabinet door handles are secured by one or two fine-threaded screws. Choose replacements handles that are secured with the same number of screws and that the new screws are the same length and diameter as the old ones...

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