Hanging a picture/mirror

Step One: What You Need

 To hang a mirror or frame, you'll need a tape measure, pencil, adhesive tape, picture hook, nail, hammer and level.

 If you're not sure where you want to put the frame, here's a tip: Trace the frame onto a piece of construction paper first.  Put the paper on the wall and play with placement until you find the right spot. [Address hanging a group of pictures.]

 Step Two: Center the Object

 Decide where you want to put your picture or mirror. One basic guideline: Center the picture  about 66 to 68 inches above the floor or 12 to 16 inches above a piece of furniture. No matter what your ceiling height, you want pictures to be at eye level.  Using your tape measure find the overall dime mention of the area on which you will be hanging the picture then divide it in half that is your center point.  Than from the floor up through your measure and mark 68” then measure from the wire or bracket on the back of the picture to the top of the picture frame.  Next take that measurement and apply it under the 68”center mark.  That is where you are going to put your hanging hardware.

Secure the picture hook by placing a small piece of adhesive tape on the wall below the pencil mark. This will help prevent the drywall or plaster from cracking. Now place the nail through the picture hook and hammer it into the wall. The nail should be at a 45-degree angle to the wall.

Step Three: Completion

 Hang a picture by the wire on the back of the frame. Make any necessary adjustments and use a level if you need to.

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