Light Fixture

Supplies:  new light fixture, wire nuts, electrical tape, rubber coated cloth work gloves

Tools:  wire striper, screwdriver and 6” needle nose pliers

Specifics of task:  hanging fixtures are fastened to the electrical box in two ways. 

1.  Using a threaded hollow rod

2.  Screwing the fixture directly to the box.


The install:

1. Put on your insolated cloth gloves. 

2.  Turn off the electricity at the breaker NOTE:  make sure it is off by leaving the light on when you go to switch the breaker off then before handling the wires test for current using a test light commonly referred to as a pig tail.  Touch the wires of the pigtail to the striped wire ends in the electrical box no light no power your ready to go. 

3.  Unscrew old fixture. 

4. Remove wire nuts from wire connections. 

5.  Test for current with pigtail by touching wires from the pig tail to the wires coming out of the box, if the light does not go on you are ready to proceed make sure you have your insolated glove on. 

6.  Take the wire ends from the new fixture and se to it that they are striped if they are not re move approximately ½” of rubber from the end of the wire to expose the copper core

7.  Take the black wire from the box and the black wire from the fixture and line them up next to each other   using your 6” needle nose pliers lightly twist the copper ends together than turn a wire nut clockwise over the wire ends

8.  Repeat the same with the white wires and green (ground) if it is grounded

9.line the screw holes of the fixture up with the holes on the box and put screws in by hand putting a few turns on each screw.  Then finish the job with a screwdriver.  Wow that was easy! 

 Testing your work: make sure you have a working light bulb in the fixture than turn the breaker and the light switch on if the light goes on you are done.  If the light does not go on, turn off the power an go back into the fixture and make better connections at your wire ends.

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