How to Hang Stereo Speakers

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What you need- speakers and speaker brackets,

Tools you need- power drill, tape measure, power screwdriver

Tip- use a stud finder to locate the stud or start at the corner and measure every 16 o.c.

Step 1-find your stud then measure down from the ceiling the desired distance down

Step 2- make your mark for the holes by using a pencil through the holes in the speaker bracket .

Step 3- drill your holes. Make sure the drill bit is thinner than the screw and make sure the hole is half the depth of the screw itself

Step 4 –line your speaker bracket up with the holes in the wall that you just drilled then ;place your top screw in, Tighten with your power screwdriver approximately ¾ of the way. Follow suit with all the screws.

Step 5- Finish tightening all the screws

Step 6 Take speaker and place it in the bracket and tighten the clamp on the bracket

Installation complete

 Test your work- putting light but firm pressure on the speaker bracket make sure it is not loose. Once the speaker is in place put gentle but firm pressure in all directions on the speaker. If it does not move you are done.  

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