How to Secure Furniture

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What you need- furniture straps, screw, self drilling toggle bolt

Tools you need- power drill, drill bits, power screwdriver, tape measure

Tip- finding the stud is easy, here’s how… starting from the corner, measure every 16” on center

Step 1. Once you’ve located stud drill a hole thinner than the size of the screw and half the depth of the screw into the wall

Step 2 drill a hole into the furniture aligned with the hole in the wall

Step 3 using the power screwdriver , screw the strap into the furniture

Step 4 screw the other end of the strap into the wall

Step 5 repeat on the other side


Tip: when aligning the holes make the hole in the wall 1” to the outside of the furniture so as to ease the installation of the screw

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