Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Handles

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Step One: What You Need

Count the number of handles or knobs that need replacing. Remove one handle and screw to bring with you when you shop for replacements. Most cabinet door handles are secured by one or two fine-threaded screws. Choose replacements handles that are secured with the same number of screws and that the new screws are the same length and diameter as the old ones. Be sure to buy new handles with a larger diameter than the old ones, so that they cover any scratches, indentations or marks left on the cabinets when the old handles are gone. You'll also need a pair of pliers and a screwdriver that matches the screws you are using.

Step Two: Off With the Old

Using your screwdriver, remove the old screw and handle from each door or drawer.You may find that the screw is stripped. This means that either the slot where the screw driver fits is worn down or that the nut is rounded. If this is the case use pliers to hold the screw head motionless and twist the handle counterclockwise to remove it.

Step Three: On with the New

Insert the new screws through the old holes and hold them tight against the back of the door or drawer with your thumb. Twist the new handle (clockwise) onto the screw until it rests against the face of the door or drawer. Then hold the handle and tighten the screw with the screwdriver. You gave your kitchen a facelift, and you did it yourself. For more fix-it advice, read my book “Room for Improvement.” Whatever your project, AOL Coaches are here to help,so check out what else we have to offer.

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