Retrieving Jewelry from the Sink

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Small and sometimes expensive items are easily washed down the sink drain. Metallic items like jewelry will sink and can usually be retrieved from the plumbing drain trap under the sink.

Step One: Getting Started

Most importantly, once you've realized you’ve dropped something down the drain, do not run the water. Instead, remove the drain stop or pop-up stopper in the sink.

Step Two: What You Need

Now, for what you need: if your jewelry is not gold, silver, or platinum, you should be able to retrieve it with only a lighted screwdriver with a magnetic telescoping lens. However, if your jewelry is made of one of these precious metals, you’ll also need a pair of 8-inch slip joint pliers, some  Teflon tape and a bucket,

Step Three: The Easy Grab Approach for Non-Precious Metals

For non-precious metals, extend the magnet on the lighted screwdriver into the drain until it hits the bottom of the trap. Move the magnet carefully back and forth, until you feel the lost item attach to the magnet. Slowly retract the screwdriver.

Step Four: Plumbing for Precious Metals

For gold, silver and platinum items, place a bucket under the pipe trap which is found underneath the sink. The pipe trap is the u-curve the pipe makes before it straightens out and heads straight down again. Use the eight-inch slip joint pliers to loosen the large nuts on either side of the trap. Once the nuts are loose, remove them by hand and pull the trap off the pipe. Your jewelry, along with a little water, should spill right out into the bucket. Replace the trap and tighten the nuts, first by hand, then a final quarter revolution with the pliers. Do not overtighten the nuts. Now run the water, checking underneath the sink for leaks at the trap.  If there are leaks, first try tightening the nut another quarter turn.  If that still does not work, you will need to get some Teflon tape and apply it around the leaking section.

Step Five: Finishing the Task

 Replace the drain stop or pop-up stopper.  Problem solved.  And you did it yourself! Now, put that jewelry back on and don't leave it lying near the sink again!  Try putting a bowl or basket in your bathroom away from your sink to prevent this from happening again.

Remember No one can do it better than You!

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